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Quality engineering & testing

Quality engineering & testing

We will test your software's full functional scope against the specifications and anticipated performance criteria. Functional tests will be used to determine how well the whole system works, what outcomes it produces, and which parts need to be improved.

Performance testing

Our team will assess the software's stability and responsiveness under regular and severe workloads. We will evaluate your system's compliance with performance requirements and identify scalability limitations by subjecting it to a customised set of stress resilience and load endurance tests.

We deliver a full suite of quality assurance services

Usability testing

Digikentro will examine your software from the viewpoint of your target customer to evaluate how intuitive and user-friendly it is. Our team will create a range of real-life interaction situations and carefully recreate them in order to identify UX/UI flaws and bugs and assess the solution's suitability for usage.

Test automation

We will assess how well your product fits into its intended context and if it is capable of complete platform-agnostic functioning under varying conditions. The experts at Digikentro will investigate how the programme interacts with various kinds of hardware and software, operating systems and networks, devices and browsers, and will report any compatibility issues that arise.

Choose to automate your high-risk or labor-intensive software testing procedures to reduce time to market while maintaining product quality. Itransition will provide a custom automated testing framework to meet your specific development needs.

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