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Our technicians will handle user-side issues and minor glitches in your application before they escalate into service-disrupting problems. At this level, we analyze user information and resolve issues without delving into the code.

Advanced support

To deal with the most advanced, never-faced-before issues, Itransition involves high-skilled architects and engineers who will investigate the source code to remedy disruptions, optimize back-end functionality, and enhance the system with new transformative features.

All-round software maintenance expertise

Multi-tier software support services

To address your software issues more efficiently, Itransition offers three distinct packages differentiated by their coverage and spanning L1, L2 and L3 tiers of technical support.

Pay-as-you-go support

For a fixed rate, hire Digikentro’s dedicated support team who will keep an eye on your software ecosystem’s health and stability 24/7, run scheduled service maintenance activities, and promptly perform hot fixes of any complexity

Turn to Digikentro when you need to augment your in-house maintenance team with professional support technicians, engineers, or consultants, and get the needed service over a specified period of time, paying for the consumed resources only.

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