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B2B portal development

B2B portal development

We can tie in your B2B portal with the corporate ERP so that it would reflect the up-to-the-minute availability and status of products and materials across multiple storage locations for real-time inventory visibility.

PIM integration

We can connect your B2B portal with enterprise product information management and other systems holding product data to make sure users always have access to relevant merchandise descriptions without your employees having to update them manually.

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Leveling up your B2B portal

We offer to refurbish your B2B portal and bring it in line with your changed business requirements and user expectations. Our team can re-architecture the portal and refactor its source code, remove any irrelevant features and implement new capabilities, or refresh the antiquated UX/UI while preserving the solution’s identity.

Get your B2B portal custom-made

We work with the best-in-class portal technologies and can advise you on the one that fully aligns with your requirements and growth plans.

Under our B2B portal development offering, we can then implement the platform into your business infrastructure and perform all levels of customization needed.

Digikentro is also fully qualified to develop a proprietary B2B portal from the ground up. Proceeding from your requirements, our team of business analysis, engineers, and designers will lay out and build your signature solution.

Post-development, we can embed the portal into your corporate environment and perform necessary configurations for seamless functioning.

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