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Streamline Your Salon Business

Manage appointments, payments, staff, clients, and more—all in one salon solution.

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Online Booking and Scheduling

Launch a sleek online scheduling platform to promote your services. Tailor your online presence to match your salon's style. Efficiently manage your salon business with a comprehensive booking solution.

  • Display services, timetable and pricing

  • Lead Conversion via Chat

  • Personalized Booking Forms

  • Multi-Channel Booking

  • Reminder via SMS & Email

Streamlined Service Management

Efficiently manage your salon's operations and attract a wider clientele by offering direct service sales through your website. Simplify client interactions with hassle-free appointment booking. Tailor your services to align with the unique needs of your salon business.

  • Appointments: Seamlessly schedule salon services.

  • Beauty Enhancements: Unique add-ons.

  • Service Packages: Craft and sell bundled service packages.

  • Online Booking: Reach clients anywhere by taking your service online.

  • Bundle your services into membership plans and packages.

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Calendar Management 

Manage all your calendars from one dashboard. Get the flexibility you need to make online scheduling work for your business.

  • Set default business hours 

  • Schedule around your real-time availability 

  • Sync your team’s calendars 

  • Auto adjust bookings for time zones 

  • Create booking rules and policies 

Payment and Financial Management 

Launch a sleek online scheduling platform to promote your services. Tailor your online presence to match your salon's style. Efficiently manage your salon business with a comprehensive booking solution. 

  • Connect a payment provider— Stripe, PayPal, RazorPay and more 

  • Accept payment in 40+ currencies 

  • Send clients price quotes and invoices  

  • Integrate with professional accounting tools like QuickBooks 

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Marketing and Promotion Tools 

Enhance your salon's reach and customer engagement with a suite of marketing and promotional tools. Connect with your clientele, drive sales, and boost brand visibility.

  • Email Campaigns: Engage clients personally. 

  • Social Media Amplification: Boost salon presence. 

  • Exclusive Promotions: Attract and reward clients. 

  • Trust-Building Reviews: Showcase positive testimonials. 

  • Custom Loyalty Rewards: Foster customer loyalty. 

Salon Staff Management 

Manage staff schedules and track their performance. Set roles and permissions so staff can book clients and manage their sessions. 

  • Set roles and permissions 

  • Add your staff members’ hours 

  • Client Appointment Coordination 

  • Sync your team calendars 

  • Track staff performance 

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Client Management 

Build and manage your client relationships. Send automated confirmations, updates and reminders about upcoming appointments. 

  • Attract new clients and expand your contacts. 

  • Build comprehensive client profiles for personalized services. 

  • Minimize no-shows through SMS and email reminders. 

  • Communicate directly with clients for better interaction. 

  • Share salon-wide updates for client engagement. 

Grow Your Business 

Get advanced bookings analytics to track your performance and keep improving your business. Review your top services, staff performance, site traffic and more. 

  • Track client attendance 

  • Find out how visitors get to you  

  • Focus on your most popular services 

  • Analyze finances 

  • Compare new vs. returning clients 

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Enhance Your Salon Experience

For Salon Owners 

  • Seamlessly manage your salon's appointments, staff, and booking calendar. 

  • Efficiently check in clients and communicate with your members. 

  • Accept bookings and process payments at your convenience. 

  • Gain insights into member profiles, payment details, and attendance. 

  • Access valuable analytics on traffic and revenue to drive your business forward. 

Empowering Owners and Enriching Customer Experiences

For Salon Customers 

  • Effortlessly book your desired salon services. 

  • Personalize your salon experience by updating your profile information. 

  • Stay informed about exclusive offers and promotions. 

  • Connect with your salon community through messaging. 

  • Explore branded salon merchandise and products. 

Salon Marketing with Advanced Tools 

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Share Engaging Social Content 

Make a lasting impression on Facebook and Instagram. Craft shareable content. 

Drive Traffic from Search Engines 

Boost your online visibility with advanced SEO tools. Create a personalized SEO plan to attract new clients via search engines. 

Convert Leads into Loyal Clients 

Collect valuable contact information from your website visitors through customizable forms. Inquire about their preferences to tailor your service recommendations. 

Promote Through Email Marketing

Send branded emails that showcase your salon services. Direct subscribers back to your salon's website for seamless bookings and engagement. 

Discover Informative Blogs

Stay Informed About Our Solutions and Best Practices


1.       What is an online booking system?

An online booking system is scheduling software you can use to accept bookings and reservations online. With Wix, your appointment scheduler is completely integrated with your website. You can manage your business anywhere you have WiFi, on desktop or on mobile.

2.        Why do I need online scheduling?

An appointment scheduling software simplifies the way you manage your business. That way, you get more headspace and time to focus on your clients. Avoid classic scheduling complications by letting your clients self-book. Plus, manage your schedule, client communication and finances all in one place.

3.        How can I get started with Wix Bookings?

1. Sign up or log in to Wix.

2. Choose a professional website template with Wix Bookings built right in.

3. Add your first service with details and times.

4. Set up a payment method to accept online payments

5. Create a service package or plan to offer your clients.

6. Start promoting your business.

4.       What types of services can I offer?

You can select from any of our industry-leading website templates, featuring fitnessbeautyeducationphotographyconsulting, and more. 

Easily set up your classes, 1-on-1 appointments, group sessions, courses, and intro calls, so clients can book your time.

5.        Does Wix Bookings have a mobile scheduling app?

Yes. Download the Wix Mobile App to add a new service, update your schedule, check-in clients, chat with members and review analytics. Clients can download the Wix Mobile App too. They’ll be able to book services, pay and chat with you

6.        Can I use the Wix online scheduling software for free?

You can create a Wix Bookings site and present your services for free. In order to accept bookings and payments, you need to have a Wix Business Premium Plan. Each of these plans includes a full suite of features and tools to manage and grow  your business from desktop and on-the-go with the Wix Mobile App.

Enhancing Your Salon Business

Boost Profitability, Efficiency, and Client Trust

More Profit

Increase your salon's revenue with a professionally designed online presence that attracts more clients.

Enhanced Trust

Build trust with a professional image, leading to increased client loyalty and business growth.

Time Efficiency

Save valuable time with user-friendly tools, making branding and management tasks more efficient.

Seamless Communication

Utilize a professional email address for client communication, enhancing credibility and, ultimately, profitability for your salon.

Reduced Wait Time

Speed up website loading for a better user experience, reducing wait times and enhancing client satisfaction. 

Strong Online Presence

Establish a robust online presence that sets your salon apart, using customizable templates and a unique business name, to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Elevate Your Salon Business with Comprehensive Online Scheduling Solutions.

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