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Salesforce is a dependable solution that is always developing to meet the requirements of your company. You can concentrate on your company objectives, and we'll make sure your Salesforce CRM is up and running to help you achieve them all. We will maintain your Salesforce performance efficient by avoiding key performance and security problems, as well as ensuring that it evolves in accordance with emerging business requirements and process changes.

Uninterrupted business processes

We provide Salesforce changes and enhancements that have no effect on existing user activities or company operations in your Salesforce CRM.

We assess your business requirements and provide recommendations on how Salesforce might help you meet them. We evaluate your sales, customer service, and marketing requirements and determine Salesforce clouds, editions, and features (default or custom) to help you meet these requirements effectively.

For Salesforce Support Services

Integration Services

Digikentro's Salesforce integration experts have 15 years of CRM expertise and can help you effortlessly connect Salesforce with other complicated systems. We can create bespoke integration modules as well as tweak integration applications from the AppExchange.

Data transfer from old CRM

Because no out-of-the-box integration software will meet a company's particular requirements, businesses resort to specialists to discover the one-of-a-kind solution they need. Our Salesforce integration experts provide advice on the best integration strategy and help with projects of any size.

We migrate your data seamlessly into the new Salesforce solution without data loss or corruption, system outage, or disruption to your business operations. Because you analysed and organised your historical data before migrating it, the data stays well-formed and ready to utilise after it is transferred. We create data structure guidelines to help with data quality following transfer (for instance, duplicate rules).

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