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Power BI

Our Power BI experts will assist you through the whole process, from the creation of a road map to the strategic data strategy to assess and execute a contemporary BI platform for your company.


You can access different data sources, increase data scanning, and discover insights buried in your data via our Power BI integration services.

For Power BI Support and Development

Strengthen your company with the Power BI consulting services

Add a new level of granularity to data analysis with Power BI. Digikentro for Power BI is a tool for mapping and visualising data. The spatial analysis capabilities built into Digikentro's vast library of global data may help you discover patterns and trends that are difficult to detect in charts, tables, or spreadsheets.

Accelerate success with best practices by implementing Power BI services

Due to the easy accessibility, digestion and manipulation of the information needed to take decisions, inspection times are up to 27% quicker than conventional BI*. Such enhanced analytics lead to more revenues, better business processes, quicker market lead time for goods, higher satisfaction of customers, reduced stock and supply chain expenses.

Data sources identify - we assist with the identification and complexity of key datasets and formats. For further analysis, we examine data intake and processing.

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