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Knowing the configuration of any software system is a critical first step in working with it. Configuration assists the user in identifying the various sections of the programme. A poorly configured system will cause the programme to behave unexpectedly. Odoo is relevant enough to cover key functions that a company needs for the operation of its many divisions. It has been built in such a way that the vast majority of regions may be handled via configuration, with no development work required. Our specialists at Digikentro assist and advise users in customising the programme to get the most out of it.


An enterprise application must follow the "client's way" rather of the "application's way," which defines the software program's flexibility in providing a customised experience to the user. Customization may be defined as delivering a customised experience in an application based on customer specifications. Odoo offers a fully functioning package to satisfy corporate requirements, but customers constantly want something "extra." At Digikentro, we constantly strive to meet the client's specific needs so that they may fully use the application to accomplish their objectives. Our technical staff will help you in meeting all of your requirements by extending Odoo's modular approach.

Crafting Community Modules On Demand

Odoo Experts

"It is much more difficult to sustain a system than it is to create it," and we are certain that everyone will agree on this. Maintenance, whether preventative, scheduled, or remedial, is essential in every profession. It carries more weight in the software industry than any other function, and we do it better. Odoo releases versions throughout time, bringing new and better features to the programme, and we assist and advise in managing and fulfilling the new needs, whether technical or functional, to keep our system up to date. At Digikentro, we assist in keeping a server's health in tip-top shape so that it may function at its peak. Data is always a valuable asset for every client, and we ensure that the asset's security and stability are properly maintained.

Community Driven

Customer retention is not something that happens by chance, as we all know. End-users may get stuck owing to community modules or minor flaws in Odoo. In such type of foggy scenario, when an end-user seeks to locate a helping hand that will assist them to resist and get out of it. Our technical support team can help them fix their issue on the spot and offer them a boost. The cycle does not stop once Odoo is deployed. End-users may demand regular upgrades in ERP systems in order to get more effective outcomes than before. We provide after-sales services at a very low cost.

The ever-expanding Odoo community releases a plethora of community modules on a daily basis. But what good are them if they are riddled with technical flaws, lack appropriate completion, or lag behind owing to incompatible versions??? The direct installation of these community modules over a live project is unreliable and may result in unanticipated catastrophic failures. End users are often stuck in modules filled with defects, the availability of restricted functionality, improper backward compatibility, module interdependency problems, a lack of expertization, and adequate finishing. An especially polished module emphasises the finest characteristics, much as a well fitting outfit compliments your personality.

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