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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

A broad variety of options for analysing current business and product data are integrated into the package using Microsoft Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure IoT. Because of the seamless integration with Office 365, you can continue working on Office documents right in the ERP environment, enabling your mobile business operations and sales activities. In addition, Dynamics 365 has connectors for seamless data sharing with current business applications.

There are business applications for every scenario.

Individual and industry-specific requirements may be met by expanding the set of services offered with Dynamics 365 with additional business applications. Microsoft's "AppSource" online marketplace offers a single point of entry to a plethora of applications from Microsoft and partners. The Dynamics 365 applications are intended to be quick and maybe utilised independently of one another. This implies, for example, that you may begin with a modest solution and licence just what you really need. Simply add additional functionalities as you need them; the cloud infrastructure will integrate the services for you.

For End-to-End Microsoft Dynamics Support and Development

Implementation & Consulting

Digikentro manages online and mobile application platforms in a variety of business sectors. This covers the upkeep, enhancement, and optimization of bespoke and platform-based programmes. Depending on the needs, we may concentrate on either the technical side or the user-centric side, or both.


Through our next-level Implementation and Consulting methodology, Digikentro can provide bespoke implementations and engagements that react to the most unique, complicated business needs using established methods as our framework. That all-encompassing strategy makes use of key components that you won't discover with other one-size-fits-all partners.

The focus of our agile approach is on Microsoft solutions, but it builds on the best practise in industry and technology and decades of hands-on expertise. It combines the distinctive flexibility of Digikentro to promote cooperation and a coordinated and effective participation.

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