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Managed IT services

Managed IT services

When managing software, we maintain its high performance, security, and user adoption. We also improve its functional capabilities and make it more powerful and attractive for end users.

Infrastructure management

By ensuring the correct operation, integrity and immunity of IT infrastructures’ components and nodes, we guarantee that business processes are stable and protected.

Delegate your software and infrastructure management to a team of professionals

Application management services

Digikentro manages web and mobile application environments across multiple business verticals. This includes maintaining, enhancing, and optimizing custom and platform-based applications. Depending on the requirements, we can focus either on the technological side or user-centric aspects, or both

Ongoing improvements

We use available monitoring tools as well as deliver custom monitoring solutions to keep tabs on enterprise apps performance. Our goal is to ensure 24/7 uptime and availability across all devices and supported geographical zones.

Apart from addressing real-time issues, we advocate reasonable enhancements to make software more productive and reduce technical debt. We install necessary updates and deliver brand-new features to improve software performance and usage metrics.

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