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Customer portal development

Customer portal development

We build B2C and B2B customer portals to provide you with a user-centric platform for serving customers on their own terms and making engagement effortless, ultimately boosting sales and reducing operational costs.

For patients

We build patient-centric portals as part of our customer portal development services. Patient portals allow secure access to health records, streamline appointment scheduling, help arrange consultations remotely, enable remote monitoring, process payments, and more.

Boost customer loyalty and drive sales with a customer portal by Digikentro.

End-to-end integrations

We can connect your customer portal with corporate and external systems and set up mutual data exchange to turn the solution into a consistent digital ecosystem.


Our team can connect a customer portal with your enterprise CRM to expand your customer channels and give more opportunities to personalize experiences.

We can integrate a portal with your ERP system to provide users with full visibility into real-time inventory levels across any of your company’s locations.

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