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We pave the way for new resilient cloud infrastructures in enterprises. We lay the groundwork for a smooth transition to the cloud by developing a cloud adoption strategy that addresses both fundamental technological changes and high-level challenges such as team restructuring and new budgeting policies.

Infrastructure assessment

We provide cloud infrastructure consultancy to ensure a trouble-free cloud transition. Our team assesses existing infrastructures and estimates the expenditure and work required for cloud migration. We also evaluate the current status of the software in use in order to plan its future transfer to the cloud and integration into the enterprise's digital ecosystem.

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Cloud technology selection

We assist our clients in selecting the best cloud technology for their needs. We advise companies on the best technology stacks to help them optimise their operations via better software characteristics (performance, functional maturity, device compatibility) and decreased maintenance burden.

Cloud integration

In accordance with company needs, our team creates bespoke solutions from the bottom up. Our cloud-ready systems are packed with integrated security and connectivity capabilities, making future deployment and customization a breeze.

We solve integration problems by connecting cloud applications to on-premises or other cloud solutions. By establishing an interconnected environment, we guarantee barrier-free data interchange and workflow management while maintaining the ecosystem's immunity and faultless performance.

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