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With expert Microsoft Azure consulting services, we assist companies in taking their initial steps toward cloud solutions and infrastructures. We provide step-by-step platform adoption and growth methods.


Our team knows how to transform Azure’s out-of-the-box features into custom cloud solutions. Our software comes with monitoring and security tools essential for a smooth operation of a cloud environment.

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The specialists at Digikentro integrate Azure installations into existing infrastructures while maximising current assets. We also do integration testing to ensure that linked components are stable.

Migration to Azure

Digikentro provides development support for Azure products and services. To meet your varied requirements, our team provides expertise in Microsoft Azure development and adoption for data management, analytics, containerization, and networking.

Digikentro's Azure migration specialists assist businesses in preparing for cloud transformations and migrating solutions and infrastructures to the Microsoft platform. We handle all pre- and post-migration operations to guarantee a smooth transition to a new deployment.

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