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We work with companies that currently use AWS as well as those who are contemplating using the Amazon cloud stack for the first time. Our team handles all phases of successful AWS implementation, including initial technology roadmapping and selection, infrastructure evaluation and modification, architecture design and optimization, and architecture design and optimization.

AWS optimization

We examine AWS infrastructures in use to identify bottlenecks and assist companies in optimising cloud resources and performance across their application portfolios. To maintain track on deployment performance and security, we use monitoring and alerting systems.

Adopt AWS cloud solutions with ease

AWS development

Digikentro, as an AWS consultant, uses Amazon software to create cloud-first solutions based on microservices or to deploy serverless apps, helping companies in properly adopting and maintaining them.

Serverless architecture

We use microservices to offer solutions that are made up of separate services that communicate through APIs. We reduce the chance of application failure and improve the overall reliability and security of solutions by breaking down monolithic applications into container-based microservices.

A cloud-native serverless architecture enables us to develop and operate apps and services without having to maintain infrastructure. We create serverless web applications using AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB backends.

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