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Application modernization

Application modernization

Red flags signalling the need for software review include poor performance, frequent downtime, and problems that halt work. Digikentro's team has the expertise and tools to identify the most difficult operational problems that can be resolved by modernising applications. We examine old software to identify issues and provide the best modernization techniques and technologies for resolving them.

Poor user adoption

When workers are unhappy with legacy software, have trouble accessing information, or are unable to utilise the system on their mobile devices, Itransition develops a renovation strategy to address user acceptance problems. From the initial gathering of user input through the implementation of particular improvements or the complete relaunch of the programme, we cover the whole modernization cycle.

Does your legacy software needs a revamp?

From monolithic apps to microservices

We use flexible and easy-to-manage microservices to replace cumbersome and inflexible monolithic systems. We walk you through the whole transformation process, including rewriting old code, breaking a legacy programme into microservices, deploying microservices in a controlled environment, transferring all legacy data, and testing the new microservices-based ecosystem.

From server-centric to serverless architectures

Itransition's specialists assist businesses migrate from resource-intensive on-premises environments to more lightweight and scalable cloud environments by offering legacy application modernization services. When old software cannot be transferred to the cloud, we rebuild it according to cloud standards, migrate all software components, reset integrations, and add unique functionality.

Our team assists businesses in rethinking their app hosting and administration strategies by using serverless software architecture. We provide technical consultancy to assist our clients in selecting the best serverless provider, migrating their software to a new environment, and repurposing existing legacy infrastructure and resources to support the serverless approach.

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