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All-in-one office solution

KentroBox with Project Management: 

Customer data management is more than just a marketing solution for any businesses. KentroBox with project management supports organization in building stronger connection with existing customer base and building brand new audience. This technology based product helps enterprises automate, organize and synchronize all functions of the business, hence making day to day operations simpler to handle. 

KentroBox provides flexibility to support and adapt to your current processes. Irrespective of your business size the software will help you stay organized and improve your project management. The dashboard is simple to operate and easy to understand. It will let enterprises know their audience in a better form and helps the business set task with just few clicks, implying easier project management.

KentroBox with Project Management will give our clients customized experience. The tool will give very precise insights while managing crucial tasks of the project. The team members wouldn’t need to shuttle from one application to another. Members can easily create, share and collaborate tasks with this project management software. This will help your business boost productivity and better client relationship.


  • Filter Tasks 

  • Quick Export Tool 

  • Advanced Report  

  • Project Tracking 

  • Task Management 

  • Project Templates   

KentroBox with Lead Management: 

Predict Overall Lifecycle of Every Customer and Every Sale Deal 

Confused about managing customer data efficiently?! Adapt to KentroBox from confusing spreadsheets that gives you 360 degree view of customer data, tracks activities, gives you insights, and sets every interaction rightly and much more. 

Our KentroBox can help you focus on the bigger picture by automating day to day sale tasks and important business processes. With the help of KentroBox you can automate email alerts, assign tasks and automate stages of lead generation. It also gets easier to manage opportunities like never before. This tool helps you build unique sales processes to boost productivity.   

Get easier to understand insights and updates with dashboards and reports. You can also track sales and important deals. Get deeper inisghts with customized reports, created with simplicity that helps you make smarter decisions. 

  • 360 degree customer profile 

  • Lead Tracking 

  • Sales Dashboard 

  • Integrated Email Service 

  • Third Party Integration 

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