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We are Dis-Continuing Software Development in India!

Because we are going to start INNOVATING in India!

India has been known for outsourcing Software Development. We do not desire to be merely another software development firm; rather, we aspire to become a provider of innovative software solutions.

We ‘wanna’ be one of those companies that believes in innovating with in-depth research and vision. We wish to collaborate with our clients and contribute to the expansion of their businesses. We have already begun this transformational process. At Digikentro, it is not just about developing a software product for a business or an organization but innovating an idea that really works! And doing the same responsibly.

We Research. We Innovate. We Evolve.

There are many methods to ensure the success of a business idea. And thus, it becomes important to question the factors that contribute to a business's success? What are the quintessential traits that determine a business's success?

We think the following 3 factors contribute to the success of our business:

1. Company Culture

2. Quality of Work & Relationships

3. Processes & Vigilance Management

At Digikentro, we believe that a business can succeed only when its culture is vibrant and its people are content while on the job. According to a Forbes survey, 90% of respondents said culture was important to their businesses. Despite this, only 15% believe their company's culture is where it needed to be.

Our Strategy is simple. It is a plan to create VALUE.

Value for Customers

Value for Employees

Here, value for employees is the difference between the compensation and the employee satisfaction level.

Credit: Harvard Business Review

Employee satisfaction is the measure of the quality of what the person is looking for at work and what the company is offering.

According to our company founders, stakeholders and management, their analysis and experience in running our ventures, employee contentment is dependent on 3 main factors:

1. Workplace Environment

2. Quality / Value of Work

3. Processes at Work

These are the core factors for a good business culture that can be measured to determine how satisfied your employees are with their work.

Quality is a Habit

Digikins are always looking to build software solutions that really matter. Solutions that solve the core problems of any organization or business. We enable our customers take an idea and turn it into a fully functional product by working with them and all partners throughout the process to achieve excellent results.

For this reason, EMPATHY is vital at Digikentro. This approach ensures high quality results in solutioning and provides a sense of contentment to our employees as they enjoy the process of solutioning.

We generally like to invest our time and effort in market-fit products or ideas. Or else we make sure that the idea is molded into a market fit product/ platform idea. And this is where our consulting approach comes into play.

Let’ take a look at our process and approach towards a solution.

1. Client Inquiry and Briefing

When a customer approaches us with a concept, we prioritize developing a minimal viable product (MVP). Here, we also make sure that our ideas and criticism help our customers/clients enhance their ideas.

2. Requirement Gathering

When dealing with MVPs or any other stage of a solution, it is important that we understand the objectives and requirement clearly.

3. Market Research

For MVP Development of just an idea, we make sure that we invest in research and understand competitors, market demand, target audience and other important aspects before taking the development forward.

4. Documentation

Documenting requirement is primary in our process. From BRDs to HLDs, we ensure that everything is well-documented.

5. Testing

After the MVP phase is complete, we enter a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase with our customer. Not only do we test with users, but also in real-world market settings. 6. Continuous Upgrade & Enhancement

We then proceed to construct the prototype and complete the product development cycle based on our investigations, interpretations and findings from the pilot studies.

The goal is to not only understanding a product's lifecycle, but also to be market-ready and have a market roll out strategy in place. That is how we develop a marketable product.

One of the primary reasons for employee happiness is that each person at Digikentro has the opportunity to have a significant influence on the job they undertake. This is mostly due to focused efforts on something that has real impact out there in the world, which develops a sense of contribution.

Knowledge is Power

Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen says 95% of product launches fail. How do you make the 5%?

Answer: Market Research

Research is more than just looking things up on the internet. Economic, physiological, and psychological investigations are all pertinent. These studies will assist us to comprehend the market, our product's impact, and its components.

Which is why we undertake feasibility studies to ascertain the success of a product. Even though we are a for-profit company, when products perform poorly, it affects not only our consumers but also all of our stakeholders, including us. We want to invest in promising businesses and make smart decisions.

“All market research is, at its core, an attempt to understand and connect with your consumers.”

When we say research, we are talking about domain expertise and not just product knowledge. For example, we recently designed a fintech solution for a UK-based customer. Client wanted to use AI and improve their carbon-footprint. So, we onboarded an accountancy expert to help us create AI business intelligence. We ensure that our people build domain expertise through exploration and training.

Processes are alive!

Even when technology is theoretically an excellent solution, you may find that the capacity to incorporate it into an organization may be frustratingly elusive. It is not for a lack of investment. Instead, the issue is in developing the processes necessary to make the optimum use of the technology.

“The issue is not with technology, but with processes.”

Invest in research

Most companies conduct a one-time research survey in the beginning. Instead, we have deployed a year-round research hut getting invaluable customer insights and boosting performance. The amount of time, money, and effort that our research team saves us is immeasurable.

Don’t stop delivering

Launching a product is just the beginning. We need to gain insights into how users engage with the product. We may add features and services and review/update the business strategy. We can keep growing with satisfied customers, and our employees are happier too.

Be Agile

Understanding and managing the value chain from conception to delivery is also critical. Agile project management and flash builds allow product managers to be actively involved in the development process, acting as customers' proxies and offering assistance at every stage.

Connect with DevOps

At Digikentro, DevOps enhanced software delivery and employee morale. DevOps removes an organization's reliance on the availability of individuals or teams, silos (communication obstacles between teams) are reduced and fosters the growth of a healthy workplace culture. Optimizing Team Dynamics

Small mixed teams promote accountability and teamwork. Working with stakeholders improves work quality. e.g.-A developer is more likely to create excellent code if they work closely with an operations teammate. Cooperative decisions are made, and feedback is quick.

To summarize, Digikentro's research hut is the heart of the organization. For us, being your development partner isn't only about product development; it's also about market research, domain expertise, designing user experience, and launching a product in the market. Our work doesn't end after the product hits the market; we keep analyzing and improving the services and adding new features and personalizing customer experiences

Have a new idea that needs flight? On- board the Digital Village – Digikentro.


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