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One Box for everything

Pipelines | Projects| Relations | Support | Invoices |

A software built for EVERYTHING your office needs!

KentroBox helps you align various teams with processes efficiently and enhances results but adapting to workflow that your business needs. With this SaaS all the processes, tools and files can be centralized. Meaning employees would not need to waste time switching from one application to another. One platform can be operated across all functions of the organization.

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How KentroBox gives other
office solutions a run for their money.

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Amazing individually,
PHENOMENAL when working together.

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Sales CRM

Sales CRM software will support enterprises in getting holistic view of existing clients & manage data of potential prospects. 



  • Identifies & Tracks right leads 

  • Enhances customer interaction 

  • Tracks customer journey 

  • Streamlines team productivity 

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